To Experiment or not to Experiment?

So I dyed my hair with Manic panic’s Atomic Turquoise (where the green is) and it mixed in with the Ultra violet, so now it’s a beautiful blue. I love this colour! 




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This anime was another great one! It gave me the feels, and I’ve never cried over an animu before, but I was so close to. I would have if no one was home xD top ten, hell even in my top 5!

Why do you care?

Why do people care about celebrities so much? I’m so intrigued by the fact that everyday people stalk celebrities and their every move. People everywhere, clicking on their smartphones on twitter, tumblr, facebook awaiting the latest news about their favorite celebrity, or their least favorite celebrity. Sure, you hate their music or they are the lead in your favorite show or movie, but why do their lives matter to you? Don’t you have your own life to live? You have a family that cares and friends that don’t use you for your money or for fame. Isn’t that enough to ask for? Celebrities are people, just like you are. They make mistakes and have a family of their own. Just like you do. The only difference is that they are constantly harassed by the media every day, and pounded by the media for every mistake they make. So, why do you care?

messin around with my new tutu, I put a red chiffon skirt over it, and a tank top. It’s so cute~!

great anime

Uhh Im trying to listen to musics and take pics at the same time. I did animu eyes again for shits and giggles! :3

I love dancing c:

I love dancing c: